Why You Shouldnt Buy iPhone x With 5 Reasons

5 reasons why you shouldn’t buy iPhone X!
Apple’s 10th year special phone, The iPhone X has dropped like a bomb on the technology agenda. As well as the phone’s highly acclaimed features, there are also aspects that leave a mark on the head, such as notch design, price and delay time.


Apple’s new bomb iPhone X,has been liked by many people. They do a different design this time, that Apple has adopted with the iPhone 6, Apple has been able to attract the attention of users with its superb features on the phone.
Some of the features of the phone and environmental factors make it a big question for users to buy iPhone X.
Here are 5 reasons why you dont want to buy iPhone X:

1 – Finger movements
As we know, the iPhone X does not have a home screen key. Apple took a big step for frameless design and gave up the fingerprint sensor and the home screen key. Instead of that, with iOS 11, users need to make different finger movements to reach the home screen or close the applications in the background. This seems to be the cause of confusion in the first place fot people who will use the phone.

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2 – Notch design
The iPhone X has almost no frameless design except for the notch on the top of the screen. The notch includes important equipment such as a camera, infrared camera, spot projector, microphone, ligt sensor and loudspeaker.
Even though important components are involved in this notch, it destroys the integrity of the design, and can get annoying in the gaming and video experience.

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3 – Waiting time
As we know, Apple is announcing new iPhone models every September, and after that sales are coming out soon. For example, the iPhone 8 was introduced on September 12 and will be sold on September 22.
The iPhone X, which was introduced on the same day as the iPhone 8, is on sale on November 3rd. So there is a waiting period of over 1.5 months, which is not what we used to in recent years for Apple. It is also likely that the sale to the US and other major European countries will go into December.

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4 – Touch ID blend in the history
Apple has also abandoned the Touch ID technology with this phone, it has adopted since the iPhone 5s. As we know, this fingerprint reading technology provided both a lock screen and an application safe download.
Face ID technology was introduced instead of Touch ID. Although facial scanning technology seems more innovative, the fact that the Touch ID can not reach its ease of use still leaves a mark on the mind.


5 – Costs an arm and a leg
iPhone X is the most expensive iPhone available for sale until this time. IPhone X, will be cost $ 999 at least

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