Why iPhone X still not available for sale?

Why iPhone X still not available for sale?

Apple decided to follow another strategy about iPhone X after
iPhone 8 frustration.



Shortly before Apple have introduced new two iPhone model.
First one was iPhone 8 but the second one was iPhone X.
iPhone X called a step to the future. iPhone 8 carrys the same iPhone

iPhone 8 didn’t take amazing reactions because Apple fans was waiting the iPhone X
about a year. Apple knew it so, the firm announced iPhone 8‘s price tag as $699 and
iPhone X‘s price tag as $999. The firm had thoughts about that people will choose
iPhone 8 because of the $300 price difference between the phones, but Apple mislead.

A week ago, Apple has started to sell iPhone 8 but performance of the
device was not enough for the Apple fans. iPhone 8 and iPhone X almost
have same features but people did not choose the iPhone 8 because
no frame screen of iPhone X amazed them.

Apple decided to change their way of the selling phones.
According to the reports from Taiwan, Apple will keep their
iPhone X stoks as minimal. The main idea of it, if there’s no
chance to buy iPhone X, people will buy iPhone 8. So the firm
can finish their iPhone 8 stoks to make money.

People expect that iPhone X sales will be middle of the next year.

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