What iPhone X’s Face ID Means For Hackers?

What iPhone X’s Face ID Means For Hackers?

iPhone X will be available for sale in this November.
iPhone X’s one of the best features is “Face ID” system.
There’s thoughts about Face ID‘s security system.

Apple did not respond the questions about Face ID system.
There will be no Touch ID function on iPhone X because
of no frameless design of the smartphone. Apple trying to
do not share any details about Face ID security.

In this week, Forbes published an article called “Apple’s Face ID is not safe”.
Writer of the article is the famous scientist JV Charmy.
Charmy invites Apple to share their security system.
From Charmy’s perspective, there is no way to pass Face ID system with
using normal methods. But for Charmy’s, it is does not enough and he invites
Apple to share more information.

Well, what about thivies?


Apple’s security office published an information about their security but
it is kind of complicated. Some of Apple fans support Face ID but some of
do not and there is also a lot of warning.

Troy Hund who is writer about web security said:
“We should not rate Face ID as “good” or “bad”.
Actually, we should look Face ID system as “different”.
There is no way to know about Face ID security system.
If passing the Face ID will be easy, it will surprise people.”

Marc Rogers who is the manager of Cloudflare information security said:
“The game has begin hackers like me.”

As you know, hackers had passed Touch ID easily. But for Marc Rogers,
Face ID has not to be amazing, just “enough”. Rogers added:
“We use door locks but we know that they can pass the door anyway.
But I think we still do not know about Face ID’s security, iPhone X users better
use safe passwords.”


Rogers created a list about Face ID’s positive and negative ways:

Positive Features

– Face ID uses data of face points and there’s no way to change this points.
So if you have beard and mustache you can use Face ID system easily.
Apple do not keep a database, so you are in safe.
– Face ID detects eyes easily and it has great improved system. So,
people can not use your photos to open your phone.
– If you hit the open/close button five times, phone deletes your
face data and it hinders to reach Face ID or Touch ID system.

Negative Features

-This is just theory. Touch ID was amazing feature for iPhone because
it designed for the daily usage. Using the home button was the easiest part.
For example, doing selfie in supermarket seems stupid for people.
People always walk off absurt things. So, before the Touch ID just one in five
was using pin code.
-Apple did not create Face ID system for extra security. They made it because
there was no chance to add Touch ID in no frameless phone.
-You face is your most visible password in Face ID. There is doubts
about bank accounts and Face ID relations.

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