The prices and specifications of iPhone 8, iPhone 8 Plus and iPhone X

The prices and specifications of iPhone 8, iPhone 8 Plus and iPhone X

(And why iPhone X has such a high price)

The leading technology company centered in the US, Apple, has finally released its final products; iPhone 8, iPhone 8 plus and its exclusive product for the 10th anniversary: iPhone X. With the official release of the latest devices we all know about the specifications now. So, what are the specs of iPhone X? How much will it be in Turkey? When will the Turkish users can get their hands on the iPhone X. Here is the everything you need to know about iPhone 8, iPhone 8 Plus and iPhone X…


Starbucks has an update for iPhone X


Starbucks has already started to work to be comply with the new iPhone models iPhone 8 and iPhone X. According to the statement from the company, they started to work on the Starbucks stores to be attuned with the new wireless charging specifications so that, the customers can charge their mobile phones while they are drinking coffee.


The most notable product of the spectacular night was the iPhone’s 10th anniversary surprise: iPhone X.

iPhone X series is starting from $999 in the US. So, why is this model has such a high price?

According to research analyst Jan Dawson from Jackdaw Research, technology research and consultancy company in Utah, there are some reasons behind this high price.


He states that iPhone X is two generations ahead from the old models iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 plus which were released in September of last year.  That’s why it starts from $999.

Dawson also mentions that iPhone X is $70 more expensive than the Samsung Note 8 which was released last month and the two mobile phones are in the same classification.


What are the iPhone X  specifications?

what are the iPhone X  specifications?

iPhone X comes with and edge to edge screen without the physical Home button. The most notable specification of iPhone X is the new face recognition system: Face ID.
iPhone X has two storage options: 64 GB and 256GB


Face ID has replaced the Touch ID and fingerprint scan so that, you can access your iPhone by a face scan.

How safe is face ID?


According to the Apple, Face ID is 20 times more secure than the old models of iPhone. Moreover, Face ID will work in compatible with the Apple Pay and the third-party applications.
You can use Face ID for passwords, app store purchases and other unlocking process. Face ID will be used also in Apple Pay however, Apple pay can not be used in Turkey at time of this article.



iPhone X has a super retina display with size of 5.8 inches and 1125×2436 pixels resolution.


Besides the True Tone display which was released with the iPad Pro, iPhone X  also has the 3D touch. It also has a six-core  A11 bionic processor  with a 3GB RAM.


As you remember, the iPhone 7 Plus series has a double camera on the back which were placed horizontally. However, iPhone X series have these cameras placed vertically.


iPhone X is starting from $999 in the US. However we don’t know how much it will  be in Turkey. According to the taxman Ozan Bingöl, the base price of iPhone X in Turkey can be calculated like below…


Import price to Turkey:3450 TL (999 dollars)

TRT rate: 345 TL

Special consuming tax:  862 TL

Subtotal 4657 TL

18% tax to the subtotal: 838 TL.

Total : 5495 TL


So, with the price of 999$ in  the US,  Turkish consumers can buy the iPhone X with the price tag of 5495 TL, without the store  profit.


iPhone X will be on pre-order in October and phones will be in the stores in the first week of November


When the iPhone X will be in Turkey?

There is no official statement about it however, it is expected iPhone X will be in stores in Turkey around December and January.


The other notable products of the night were the iPhone 8 and iPhone 8 Plus.  iPhone 8 series is more similar to the iPhone 7 series and it’s can be said that it’s a 7S model indeed.


There are some new specifications but there is no radical changes in this models which maintain 4.7 and 5.5 inches size.


As expected, iPhone 8 series is coming with wireless charging and they are durable to the dust and water. The new camera works well in the low light conditions and it has enhanced image processor and noise reduction specifications. There’s also double 12 MP cameras on the back.


Apple is planning to introduce a new game experience and another dimension with its new augmented reality spec: ARKit.


32 GB iPhone 8 is starting from 699$. The series will be available on market on September in the US and customers can choose from the colors of gold, space grey light grey. There’s no official statement about the price tag for the iPhone 8 and iPhone 8 Plus in Turkey.


In the night, Apple has officially released the 3rd generation Apple Watch. Tim Cook stated that, Apple Watch has grown 50% last year and now it’s in the first place ahead of Rolex. The new Apple Watch Series 3 will be available on the markets starting on September 19th.


Users can dial numbers and access internet without their phones besides them. The sim card in the watch will be the same as the one in the iPhone. Apple stated that the Wi-Fi is 85% more faster and the battery lasts 50% longer.


Because the nanoSIM is bigger, instead of that Apple will use the technology eSIM. Apple Watch Series 3 is starting from 329$. The model with the eSIM is starting from 399$.


Apple also released its latest Apple TV and stated that the 5th generation Apple TV will be capable of HDR and 4K.

iphone x reasons

In the night, Apple’s CEO Tim Cook commemorated the victims of the hurricanes Harvey and Irma.


The night was organised in the Steve Jobs Theatre which was built in memory of founder of the company Steve Jobs who died in 2011. Event in this theatre is seen as a respect to Jobs. This was the first time that the press members were hosted in the building by means of this event.

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