Samsung’s Strongest Enemy: Apple

Samsung’s Strongest Enemy: Apple

Samsung Technology comes after the Apple in
sales number competition because Samsung
does not see the other firms as opponent.
In sales numbers Apple in 1st place and Samsung in 2st place.


One of the biggest technology firm Samsung,
always active in smartphone market. The firm
introduced two new smartphones recent years and
the smartphones have no rival but Apple.

It does not matter if you like Samsung or not,
the firm has amazing jobs and products, no one
can deny it. Samsung always take care of customers’
ideas and feedbacks. People can find Samsung smartphone
between $650-$950 price tag. So, Samsung attractive
for customers which have budget for smartphones or


Samsung in 1st place in Android market than other
smartphones and Android using firms. After the Galaxy
Note 8‘s introduction, people noticed that similarity
between Note 8 and Galaxy S8+ smartphones. When people
thought about that it is easy to understand Samsung’s
strategy. Samsung does not want to take a risk.
The firm is top of the Android market, why they
would take risk?


When we check the opponents of Samsung we can see
easily that firms: LG, HTC, Motorola, Huawei and Sony,
all of these firms produce amazing smartphones.
But these firms are not close to Samsung‘s sales
numbers. There is research about Samsung and the
sources show people does not trust other firms
but they trust Samsung because of nice strategy
of the firm.

To sum up, Samsung does not show any effort to
competive to other Android produces because
the firm on the top of all of them. Samsung‘s
only rival is Apple right now. So we think, we
will see amazing new smartphones because of
the competition between two huge firms.

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