Samsung Galaxy s6 Review


Check out the Samsung Galaxy S6 review: Which one is better; iPhone or Samsung? Learn the Galaxy S6’s camera features, sleek stylish design and performance with us



Rigorous Design, Fascinating Brightness


Inspired by metal art with glass workmanship, the Samsung Galaxy S6 offers perfect harmony of glass and metal: it is pleasantly curved, sparkling with a wide fan; breathtaking design with shiny glass surface.


More Aperture, More Clear Photos


The Samsung Galaxy S6’s both front and rear camcorders offer a higher resolution and aperture of F1.9, allowing you to take sharper pictures wherever you are. Do not miss any memories by double clicking on the homescreen key and going directly into the camera mode.


Faster Charge


Do not worry about your battery anymore thanks to the lightning-fast charging feature of the Samsung Galaxy S6 which runs 1.5 times faster than previous models. With the wireless charging feature, you can easily charge the Samsung Galaxy S6 without cables by putting it in the compatible charging pad.
* Charging time and duration may vary depending on individual usage habits. The battery charge life can be less than 2 hours while watching HD or higher resolution movies.
*Wireless charging pod is not included.
* Only applies to WPC and PMA compliant wireless charging pads.


Unique Performance


The Samsung Galaxy S6 offers you unrivaled results and improved energy efficiency, thanks to its twice as fast boot up speed as previous models and the ability to launch applications in super-fast sequence. 64-bit architectural support makes it possible to move to a higher level of really powerful performance, multitasking and multimedia functionality.


Eye-catching Screen


Samsung Galaxy S6, 5.1-inch Quad HD (2 560 x 1 440) Super AMOLED display for a perfect viewing experience; and the adaptive display feature delivers unparalleled clarity both indoors and outdoors. Improved brightness levels and pixel density allow you to take great photos wherever you are.


Improved Security


Enjoy the unique inner comfort of Samsung Galaxy S6 with its powerful security solutions: KNOX, fingerprint scanner.


Smart Manager


The new Smart Manager application allows you to check battery status, storage, RAM, security and many other useful information at a glance.

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