iPhone X Will Make Samsung Rich!

iPhone X Will Make Samsung Rich!

Apple’s new smartphone iPhone X has introduced recent weeks.
As you know, iPhone X’s OLED panel made by Samsung.
iPhone X’s OLED panel production prices leaked by anonymous.

One of the USA’s biggest firm Apple has introduced iPhone X few days ago.
Frameless design, professional camera and special softwares. It seems
Apple‘s iPhone X will be new trend, maybe it will be most selling iPhone ever.

iPhone X‘s one of the best feature is no frame screen design.
If you ask who provides that answer is simple: Samsung‘s OLED panel.
As you know, Apple made deal with Samsung about OLED panel and Apple
left the IPS LCD panel for frameless design.

There is rumors about iPhone X’s OLED panel. One of the KGI Securities
analyst Ming-chi Kuo told that one OLED panel will be $120 or $130.
We reached another source and they told us that iPhone X‘s new panel
will be $80. So, there is a lot of talks around but the certain thing is
Samsung will earn huge money from that deal.

The Wall Street Journal posted an article about Apple and Samsung‘s iPhone X
deal. As they told, Samsung will earn $110 in each sold iPhone X.
But Samsung will not earn money from OLED screen only because Apple
buy another devices from Samsung too. Like battery and capacity devices.

For The Wall Street Journal, Samsung will earn 4 billion dollars from
that new iPhone X of Apple.

As you know Apple X will be not very expensive in USA but in other
countries it will be pretty expensive. Apple spents 412,75 dollars for
each iPhone X. There is news from another sources and they shares
that information: “iPhone X will be sold 130 million until 2019.
But Samsung Galaxy 8 will be sold 50 million until 2019.”

what are the iPhone X  specifications?

We recommend that you should check new iPhone X features from down below:

iPhone X Features

OS: iOS 11
Processor: A11 Bionic
Screen: 2.436 x 1.125 pixel, 5,8 inch OLED Super Retina HD, 1.000.000:1
contrast rate, HDR screen. 458 ppi densit, True Tone, 625 cd/m2 maximum
brightness (typic), 3D Touch
Back Camera: 12 megapixel multi camear, f/1,8 faz detection auto-focus,
fixing images, double tone photoflash
Front Camera: 7 megapixel, [email protected], [email protected], Face Detection, HDR,
Panoramic, Detecting Face with TrueDepth Camera Technology
Connections: Wi-Fi 802.11 a/b/g/n/ac. Double-band, hotspot, Bluetooth 5.0. A-GPS, GLONASS, BDS, GALILEO,
Battery: 2 hours more than iPhone X battery life.
Size: 143,6 x 70,9 x 7,7 mm
Weight: 174 grams.

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