İphone vs Samsung?

Apple is one of the two competing brands that attract attention with its leading-edge features and unique designs on the market. The iPhone is considered a prestige symbol, and the answer to those who ask whether it should be a different brand or not is in detail.

Differences Between Samsung and Apple

Samsung, a well-known technology brand, stands out as one of the companies that supplies Apple with mobile phones. On the other side of the iPhone structure is a phone that works quite seriously, while the design is simple and useful. Samsung is easier to use than iPhone because of its structure. You can easily upload various music and applications from the computer. You can also backup your phone on many computers. Apart from using the Android operating system, installing applications, installing themes and other interventions is more flexible. Should I buy a samsung or iphone with this reknown improvement that makes a difference in terms of users? The number of saying this is quite high.

İphone or Samsung

Samsung, which offers the convenience of being an open source operating system of the Android operating system, is likely to cause a virus infection and the phone is likely to fail due to some software. Since many applications are installed on the phone unrestricted, it is much more likely that you will be seeing ads on your phone and encountering permanent spam advertisements. There is no need for an anti virus program for iPhone because iOS operating system is much more reliable. Another difference in the competition of these two brands is that some programs do not work on iPhone.

E.g; hidden camera applications, and programs that allow someone else to access your phone on the iPhone and the Apple Store. Because it is difficult to approve the application of the iPhone to the application market and the firm is selective in this respect. You can feel that you are privileged on iPhone phones, which are very important to the safety of users.

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