How Can You Repair The Broken iPhone Screens

How Can You Repair The Broken iPhone Screens

It’s a nightmare to have a broken screen on your iPhone. Apple finally explained the repair process for the broken screens

The users are mostly interested in the latest model iPhone X but, the problems on the user’s side are still happening. One of the biggest problems of the iPhone users is the broken screens. Apple is a continuously developing technologies for its new screens every year but the screens are very fragile.

The repair process costs a lot of money and it’s been doing by special device named Horizon Machine. The machine finally is being used by the Apple’s 3rd Party Service Centers.

Take these two precautions

The experts state that you need to take precautions before you broke the screen. There are mainly two ways: screen protector and case. The screen protector that you use on your phone make your screen stronger to the impacts. And, you need to be careful while you are choosing your case. When you have case on your phone and you put your phone on a flat surface screen looking down, the sides of the case should be high enough so that, your screen doesn’t touch to the surface.

It’s also helpful to remind that many brands has the same policy as Apple and they keep the broken screen out of warranty.

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