Apple and Samsung Competition

Apple and Samsung Competition

There is always competition between Apple and Samsung.
Do you know Apple and Samsung in different ways?
We will extract this difference between firms.

Apple or Samsung?

Actually, we should not compare the firms. Apple almost
have focused on smartphones and Apple does not produce
his own smartphones, Apple has producing partners.
Samsung‘s job is more difficult because Samsung
produces a lot of technology. For example:
storage of smartphones, battery, television etc.
If you check Samsung’s other firms, they even produce
work machines.



It was founded in 1979. And they still produce
new technologies and new devices. Even Apple have
produced a camera. But now, Apple follow customer’s
demands and work in that way.

Macbook, Macbook Air, iMac, iPod, iPad, iPhone and
Apple TV are most known Apple products and also
most popular.

Apple is American brand. Creative commercials,
extraordinary designs, aesthetic and user-friend
products, all of them make Apple famous all around
the world, especially in United States.
Also Apple prices are more appropriate than
other brands in United States. Apple known as
one of the most popular brand in the world.

Apple is mostly design and software oriented company
than others. It attaches importance to providing
the production subject from other companies and
improving according to the product.

In datas of 2016 Apple has 233.715 billion dollars
income. For Forbes, Apple the world’s 8th biggest
and famoust company.



It was founded in 1938. Samsung is not only
company in their field but biggest firm is
Samsung Electronics.

Samsung had an automobile company but they
sold it to French brand Renault. So, they
deposited the money they earned in electronic and

The construction of the Petronas Towers by the construction
company of Samsung has took the attention and proved
that the company was assertive in every product.

Samsung Electonics has a lot of technologies in
their structure. Furnitures, televisions, cameras,
smartphones, tablets, laptops, storage products,
monitors, music player, DVD, Bluray player, home
cinema systems and more. And Samsung is rare companies
that use their own parts and technologies.

In short, you can even see the water pump on the Samsung
written on it.

Samsung is one of the companies that invests
mostly in AR-GE all around the world. Samsung
is one of the few companies that use their
own designs and parts.

For Forbes, Samsung has 177 billion dollars capacity.

Apple and Samsung “Fight”


Actually Samsung provides product for Apple.
iPhone is not first “touchable” smartphone.
But today, most of the firms inspire the technology
of Apple. That is why there is always competition
because Apple want to prevent all of them with patent.
So, other firms see Apple as “enemy”.


Apple has huge software and design technology.
Maybe the firm is leader about that. Because
MacBook Air was amazing technology in 2008 and
it was like it was not in our world.

Today, we can realize that two different firm’s
products. Also there is real competition. In this
point, decision is yours. The real question is “Apple
or Samsung“?

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