All Differences Between Galaxy Note 8 and Galaxy S8 Plus

All Differences Between Galaxy Note 8 and
Galaxy S8 Plus

Samsung Galaxy Note 8 on the way. We’ve
been access a lot of deteail about Samsung
Galaxy Note 8. How much difference between
Galaxy Note 8 and giant screen model Galaxy S8 Plus?
There’s all differences between them.

1) Diagonal Screen

According to the rumors Galaxy S8 + has
6.22 inch screen corner to corner
but Note 8 will be 6.32 inch. Difference
between inchs seems like minor but
Note 8’s outlook look like rounded corner,
it means customers will feel like it’s bigger
and more sharper then the other models.

2) Screen-Body Rate

When Note 8 is combined with the same
rectangular and more buried frames and inhibited
corners, it will be offer more screen-body rate
then S8+ and it als o present Samsung’s Infinity

3) S-Pen Technology

We will not miss one of the biggest differences
between Galaxy Note 8 and Galaxy 8 Plus: S-Pen.
This picture includes the Galaxy Note 8’s S-Pen.
Now, drawing process will be longer and
more tight display area.

4) RAM

Yes, contrary to reports Galaxy S8 and S8+
will not come with 6GB RAM. We think Number 8
Note model will have 6GB RAM honor.

5) Battery Size

Battery capacity of Samsung Galaxy Note 8
is thought to be smaller than the S8+.
There’s a rumor about that it will be

6) Cameras

Note 8 is expected to be Samsung’s initial
significant smart phone to be announced
with dual camera. Perspective of analysts’
Samsung’s multi-lens technology will be
highly capable. What is expected is
Note 8 will have 12MP/13MP sensors, F1.7/F2.4
diaphragm range, wide angled and telephoto
glass and comes with OIS technology.

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