5 Features of Samsung Galaxy S8 Will Amaze You

5 Features of Samsung Galaxy S8 Will Amaze

Samsung Galaxy S8 was announced recent days
and it has entered “smartphone world” quickly.
And it brought a lot of different feature.
There’s 5 of that amazing features.

Samsung Galaxy S8 has been in market for
quite a while. There’s a lot of discussion
about his price but it has high price tag still.
Though most of customers are happy about their
smartphone. We have created a list about
5 features of Samsung Galaxy S8 will amaze you
in this article.

1) Blue Light Filter

Exposure to the blue light is harmful for
health of human eye. Technology of most of
tablets, smartphones and notebooks includes
blue light and it makes human eye hurt and sick.
But new blue light filter technology of Galaxy S8
prevents it and you can set it up as you wish.
It has also timing feature that allows you
set the time when you expose the blue light.

2) Edge Panel

We know the Samsung’s Edge panel since
Galaxy S6 Edge. But it has developed
in Galaxy S8 highly. When you swipe
the screen right corner to left corner,
you can access the Edge panel easily.
And also you can customize the panel
as you wish. You can check the news and
you can access the apps quickly and with one tap.

3) Safe Folder

Last year when we met with Galaxy Note 7 first
time, we saw the “Safe Folder” feature.
Galaxy Note 8 comes with the same “Safe Folder”
feature. You can make safe your private
folders and you can access them with
your finger print when you want. You can
hide the safe folder icon if you want to do.

4) Multi Screen


You will see that -if you have Galaxy S8 Plus
it’s very useful. You can open two app side by side
and you can jump from app to app easily. It makes
you to manage your multi screen apps.

5) Finger Sensor Movements

Finger sensor movements of Galaxy S8 is very
usable for the users. This feature is seen
on many Android devices (smartphones and tablets)
is makes the user amaze in Galaxy S8 too.
You can access the notifications bar with
small swipe touch on the finger print sensor.

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